Anastasia Tsvetkova, director for development and international cooperation, will take a trip to China to attend the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016 where she will be working to bring communications spaces of Russia and world powers closer together.

10th anniversary meeting of the World Economic Forum will be held on June 26-28 2016 in the Chinese city of Tianjin, a global discussion platform that will convene the heads of government, world’s leading experts, senior executives of the most influential global companies, representatives of international leadership communities: Young Global Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs and Global Shapers.

Anastasia Tsvetkova, director for development and international cooperation at Baikal Communications Group, will participate in the summit under a quota for the Global Shapers. Anastasia was listed as one of the top 30 global shapers selected from several thousand shapers from around the world and has become the only representative of the country from the Russian shapers community.

Anastasia plans to focus her to work on the dialogue aiming to expand the use of the “soft power” by companies, business leaders, and international community. She believes that it could be a productive and mutually beneficial alternative to communications activities that are deadlocked due to diplomatic and political contradictions, as well as mutual economic sanctions.

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions is to be held in China for the tenth time. WEF regularly organizes large-scale economic forums, the most famous of which is the annual meeting of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland, and the summer conference in Dalian and Tianjin. 150 business events revolving around the theme of the fourth industrial revolution and its transformational impact on all aspects of society are on the agenda. Over 1,500 participants from 90 countries, including heads and members of national governments, academics and innovators, representatives of large international business are expected to attend the summit.

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