Nadia Fukalova, deputy CEO and CFO, will be working to increase participation of Baikal Communications Group in state tenders for communications services.

Nadia Fukalova has coordinated the back office at Baikal Communications Group since the company was founded. The strategic objectives of her work are to support the company in signing state contracts. In addition to project work, Nadia Fukalova will be working in committees of associations specializing in drafting and introducing tenders standards for PR services.

Nadia Fukalova is an economist fluent in English and German (specialization: World Economy) and a lawyer (civil law). In 2008 – 2014, before joining the company, she worked for the Ministry of Finance where her task was to increase asset management efficiency of the Reserve Fund and the National Welfare Fund. Nadia was involved in drafting and getting the approval for laws and regulations governing interaction between the Russian Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Russia and the Federal Treasury when placing funds of sovereign wealth funds; she carried out operations for managing sovereign wealth funds, assessed management efficiency of these financial assets, drafted documentation for establishment of the Russian Financial Agency (Rosfinagentstvo). Nadia has extensive experience in interacting with federal executive bodies and international financial institutions, investment companies and banks. In the course of their professional life she participated in international conferences and symposia as an expert and was a member of inter-ministerial working groups developing strategies to improve the efficiency of public financial assets and public debt management.

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