Programme “GR and Lobbying in Business and Nonprofit Sector” is the first advanced GR training in Russia based of the concept of “practitioners for practitioners”.

Running a joint educational programme with MGIMO School of Business and International Competence is a continuous development of Baikal Communications Group educational activities combined in a special stream “GR-School”.  “GR-School is a contribution of our company in the industry development, in its basement – human resources. It is the result of mutual understanding between company as a business representative and the leaders of higher education. There is a point relevant for different industries that education must be an answer for business requests. In GR we see only first steps. We are honoured to be pioneers in GR education”, – said Eduard Voytenko, CEO of Baikal Communications Group.

New training, created for practicing GR managers, aims at developing and improving the ability to represent and promote clients’ interests at federal and regional governmental institutions, as well as at supranational level (EEU).

Programme is taught by GR experts from Russian and international companies in the real sector of economy.

For more information about the training please visit the link. Other educational projects run by Baikal Communications Group are listed in the section “GR-School”.

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