Anastasia Tsvetkova, the director for development and international cooperation of the company, held a workshop on interaction with stakeholders in public authorities and building relations with media representatives during the Eurasian meeting of the Global Shapers community.

VI annual meeting of the Global Shapers community was held on June 1-3 in Baku and brought together people under 30 years old who have achieved success in various fields of activity and who want to contribute to the society development. The community was initiated by the World Economic Forum and at present its centers operate in 158 countries.

The agenda of the event in Azerbaijan included such topics as the development of entrepreneurship and technology, the strengthening of the women’s role, and the improvement of the education system. Participants discussed how they can contribute to improving existing socio-economic systems in their countries, in particular, what steps they can undertake in the framework of the Global Shapers community. Anastasia Tsvetkova, as a member of the community, also took part in a number of discussions and held a workshop for participants on professional competencies.

During the workshop of the Baikal Communications Group representative, delegates learned how to draw up a stakeholder map, prepare expert reports and present them to target audiences. The participants also discussed how to attract media attention to socially responsible projects, how to build a system of personal positioning in social networks and initiate publications that can make a significant contribution to the development of projects.

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