In his column for, CEO of Baikal Communications Group Eduard Voytenko describes the new framework of political PR in Russia.

Advertising and PR crisis provokes increased interest of communications experts in politics. Even more so since the active period of political confrontation, the election race, coincides with traditional period of summer inactivity in the market which will be particularly quiet this year. We can expect a great deal of political advertising and political PR. However, it will affect the demand for new meanings. The deficiency of meanings is obvious, since the rules of parliamentary elections have changed: it is difficult to prove a connection of a candidate or a deputy with particular benefits for localities or regions.

Political heavyweights forced to compete with bright newcomers who oversell themselves in the political arena are facing a difficult situation. Many candidates will be vulnerable to compromising materials, even in spite of huge investments in advertising and PR. The upcoming election race is a great time for outstanding and innovative campaigns, but it is unlikely that we see more than a few such campaigns.

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