In his column for GR-NEWS, CEO of Baikal Communications Group Eduard Voytenko shares his view of lobbyism in Russia.

Lobbying and GR are becoming popular areas for conventional communications companies. This is explained by the crisis in the PR market and the increased political tensions that PR consultants are trying to use as a pretext to negotiate about selling GR services (mainly to foreign companies). But having no experience in GR, these companies provide the same standard services, but with a political bias. There is a risk that the very the concept of communication between business and government may be lost.

Efficient GR that is neither a disguised PR, nor a smokescreen for corruption is a rare thing in the Russian market. Eco GR in Russia is based on understanding of cultural contradictions between business (foreign in particular) and the state. The task of a competent GR specialist is to eliminate mistrust and create an environment where they would be able to speak the same language.

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