Eduard Voytenko, CEO of Baikal Communications Group, looked into the best and innovative practices of socially responsible business.

The PEOPLE INVESTOR project has existed since 2008 and during this period helped to create a community of business people who see intangible assets — people, knowledge, reliable partnerships, social reputation — as a priority for successful operation of a company nowadays. The project is organized by the Russian Managers Association.

This year 6 companies won in 6 categories:

1. Human Resource Management — MTS (RegiON Integration Competition project)

2. Building relationships with partners and customers — LG Russia (Corporate volunteering. Donor Marathon commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day)

3. Development of local communities — Norilsk Nickel (Charity Program “World of New Opportunities”)

4. Eco-efficiency — Unilever (Zero Waste for Disposal project)

5. Healthy staff — Nokian Tyres (Maintaining Health in the Workplace “Victory Over Yourself”)

6. Audience Award — Orta (All-Russian competition of students’ and corporate communications projects EVENTIADA Awards).

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