Baikal Communications Group is about to enhance the expertise positions with regard to the legal support of lobbying projects through the initiated Legislation and Legal Studies’ Practice. The division will be headed by Ms. Anastasia Parfenchikova, legal expert with the vast law-making experience.

Prior to joining the company, Ms. Anastasia Parfenchikova was employed as a public official. Moreover, she was engaged in the law-making on behalf of NGOs, took responsibility for the elaboration and legal expertise of normative legal bills as well as the interaction with public authorities. Ms. Anastasia Parfenchikova holds master’s and PhD degree in Law. Besides, she is involved in both research and teaching activities at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University.

“Elaboration of normative legal bills and their subsequent promotion within the system of legislative and executive branches of power require the high-quality and diversified legal expertise, which includes both the working experience in the domain of state and political decision-making as well as the fastidious analysis of legislation and the legal tenets. Assignment of the separate Legislation and Legal Studies’ Practice will trigger the strengthening of the company’s positions in such spheres as Law-Making and Regulation. It is going to boost the KPI of other divisions within our company”, – Mr. Eduard Voytenko highlighted.

Undoubtedly, the specific role of law-making activities for the state management and business processes requires the comprehensive examination and analysis of topics, concerning the assessment of legislation, particularly, in terms of the normative legal acts’ efficiency, legal regulation, and the toolkit to overcome a number of law-making failures. The Legislation and Legal Studies’ Practice will ensure the implementation of these operations.

“Baikal Communications Group is a company, which not only highly prioritizes the efficient decision-making for the sophisticated communications challenges,
but also deeply values the legal and ethical professional conduct. I am extremely glad to be an essential part of this professional team, who possesses the multifaceted range of legal instruments to implement the current and future lobbying projects. I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to take charge of their legal support”, – Ms. Anastasia Parfenchikova stated.

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