Baikal Communications Group strengthens the expertise positions in the domain of strategic communications and establishes Litigation PR Practice to be headed by Ms. Nina Danilina, PR-specialist with over 10 years’ experience in information support of litigation disputes.

Prior to joining the company Ms. Nina Danilina was responsible for the PR-support of high-profile litigation disputes, promoted legal, educational and fintech companies, was employed as a journalist and an editor of business publications. Ms. Nina Danilina is ranked among the top specialists in the field of legal marketing, PR, and strategy by Kommersant.

In the course of litigation disputes, it is of paramount importance to interact with the media and public opinion leaders, correct public distortions, and obtain extremely accurate media coverage. Instead of taking hits from opponents, it is necessary to form and develop our independent information agenda.

“More and more public litigation disputes in Russia have been resolved through media coverage. Litigation PR comes to the rescue of plaintiffs and legal experts as the management of the communication processes during the course of any legal dispute or adjudicatory processing, aimed at creating beneficial background information around certain legal positions as well as achieving justice. The probability to obtain an impartial and objective judiciary decision drastically increases if the general public follows litigation proceedings”, – explained Ms. Nina Danilina.

Research on the effectiveness of PR-support of litigation disputes, held in 2020, indicated that over 60% of all plaintiffs and legal experts had already used PR-instruments within litigation disputes. These instruments were considered effective. 78% of all respondents confirmed that PR-support had influenced the outcomes of litigation disputes.

“Baikal Communications Group possesses all professional competencies, concerning the implementation of lobbying projects at the level of executive and legislative public authorities and their PR-support (if necessary). We provide our clients with additional formidable protective force through strengthening the specific Litigation PR expertise. Litigation PR influences the course of litigation disputes and protects clients from financial and reputation losses, which may arise as an outcome of litigation disputes”, – noted CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group Mr. Eduard Voytenko.


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