Vladislav Pantiukhin was appointed to the position of Global Strategy Director. 

Vladislav Pantiukhin will be dealing with the foundations to bolster the international positions of Baikal Communications Group through the elaboration and long-term implementation of the projects, aimed at boosting the collaboration with potential partners, which execute the global activity.

The overriding objectives for the position of Global Strategy Director implicate the establishment of the multifaceted cooperation with cross-border lobbying firms, communications agencies, and law firms, direct engagement in the activity of transnational sectoral associations and professional communities, participation in the nominations for the relevant international awards, “corporate image” support and promotion in the international arena.

Among professional achievements of Vladislav in the position of Global Strategy Director are the membership of Baikal Communications Group in the Public Affairs Council, global lobbying organization, evolvement of partnership with the large U.S. Public Relations’ firm – Levick Strategic Communications as well as the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Portugal and others.

Vladislav holds Master’s degree in International Politics and Transnational Business from MGIMO University and gained professional experience, working as a public servant. Prior to joining the team of Baikal Communications Group he worked as a diplomat at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Australia (Canberra).

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