A forum for political strategists and specialists in the electoral domain took place on June 22-23 at the conference hall the Alfa hotel in Izmailovo.

Sergey Volodenkov, Konstantin Kalachev, Valery Solovey, Sergei Markov and other political leaders addressed the representatives of the Russian regions. Cyrill Tuzov, director for political and special projects at Baikal Communications Group opened the second day of the Conference with a talk “Anti-Crisis Measures in Public Policy”.

In his talk, he covered the practice of building new formats of interaction between regional authorities and federal media, the optimization of activity in the information space in the Russian regions, the positioning of the regions and their leaders in the Internet and social networks. Examples of political positioning of the past two years were quoted. Both positive and negative examples of reputational risks settlement in political PR oriented towards regional political forces were mentioned.

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