On December 9th, 2020 Baikal Communications Group joined the global professional association – Crisis and Litigation Communicators’ Alliance (CLCA).

CLCA is an international network of independent companies, which specialize in Litigation and Crisis PR. The CLCA is located in Vienna, Austria.

At present the CLCA brings together commercial communications organizations from Australia, Europe, the United States, East and Southeast Asia. Baikal Communications Group, which is the 15th member of the CLCA, will officially represent the sectoral market of Russia and Eastern Europe.

“From our professional standpoint we are very glad to win the competition among the Russian companies to represent the CLCA interests in Russia and Eastern Europe. Since the initial establishment of Baikal Communications Group in 2015, we have accumulated the substantial professional competences in the domain of crisis PR through both the diligent and meticulous implementation of complex lobbying campaigns on behalf of clients as well as the reliable assistance in dealing with the isolated crisis challenges in the media and political space. We are holding in high esteem the trust from the current members of the CLCA. We are ready to establish the constructive business partnership”, – commented on membership CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group Mr. Eduard Voytenko.

To join the CLCA a commercial organization must meet a strict set of criteria, regarding the supreme sectoral qualifications as well as the “geographical exclusivity” (no more than 1 commercial organization from each national country).

“Russia is a country where the successful business development requires the special understanding of how the public authorities of the Russian Federation, specific rules of information space as well as the expert community are working in unison. Amid economic turbulence we are extremely delighted to have in Russia such a good and experienced partner as Baikal Communications Group. It is a great honor to welcome Baikal Communications Group and we look forward to starting a close partnership together”, – noted Mr. Martin Jenewein from SMJ Partners Consulting and Chairman of the CLCA.

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