In June 2023, Baikal Communications Group and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for the Promotion of New Projects announced the beginning of cooperation in order to implement projects and activities aimed at sharing knowledge and experience in building relationships with public authorities. 

The creation of the partnership was caused by the need to transfer competencies to large, medium and small businesses, which often need help to promote their projects. Within the cooperation, the parties have already decided to form a joint platform for conducting practical classes and master classes in the field of GR. Such work on the basis of an educational platform will allow sharing skills to identify stakeholders in the authorities (federal and regional levels), as well as knowledge in the field of existing tools to support companies and current areas of activity of the authorities.

The first event will be held on June 7. Registration is open via the link.

Baikal Communications Group and ASI will keep informed about further meetings with the participation of leading GR experts and possible formats of participation in them.

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