In December 2022 Baikal Communications Group and the Moscow State University GR-Club signed a cooperation memorandum. The signing of the memorandum was a new pro bono contribution of the company to the GR-specialist profession development.

The parties agreed to develop partnership in the following key areas:

  • cooperation in the educational youth programs implementation in the GR field;
  • improvement of the professional climate;
  • assistance in institutionalizing the profession of a specialist in relations with public authorities;
  • and others.

Baikal Communications Group intends to further strengthen cooperation with the student community in order to popularize and develop the profession in the GR and lobbying field. Thus, the company’s employees annually conduct a special GR course within the MGIMO Law Club, give lectures on bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at MGIMO and RANEPA, conduct master classes at the invitation of other universities in Russia and Central Asian countries.

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