Each year the summit convenes PR practitioners who share their experience and discuss successful PR cases.

Anastasia took part in the session “Anti-Crisis Life Hacks: Risk Management, How to Neutralize a Crisis”. She was talking about the impact of foreign policy risks on business and addressed concrete steps to respond to the situation. “Today, new communications strategies are being designed in a time when companies reduce funding of PR activities. On the one hand, it threatens their efficiency and on the other hand, it makes heads of PR departments seeking to solve current communications tasks optimize their activities and opt for integrated communications. Nobody can afford “docking and waiting out the crisis in a quiet harbour”, stakeholders of communications industry have to quickly adjust the course so that their companies would continue their voyage,” — said Anastasia Tsvetkova. She mentioned the following trends in the industry: traditional PR tools are coupled with additional GR products; the role of digital segment is growing; the topics of CSR and sustainable development are relevant in international dialogue.

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