International Communications and CSR Practice Director shared the specific features of the ESG-agenda in the domain of Government Relations.

While addressing the audience Anastasia Tsvetkova highlighted the necessity for GR-specialists to notice the national priorities within the global agenda of sustainable development, as well as she drew attention of the audience to the key regulatory risks, arising at the background of the “green economy” policy in the country.

Anastasia Tsvetkova also told about the first Voluntary National Review of Progress of the Russian Federation towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the implementation of the sustainable development agenda for up to 2030, based on the national projects’ strategic goals. In addition to that, Anastasia Tsvetkova touched upon the range of 42 initiatives, which are subdivided into six categories: social sphere, construction, environment, digital transformation, technological breakthrough and the State for citizens, which are underlined in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated of 6 October 2021. The implementation plan with regard to 42 initiatives comprises substantial business investments, mainly, in the context of implementation of green and climate projects.

Among specific features of the Russian ESG-agenda our colleague noted the attention to its launch at the highest governmental level; large-scale regulatory development, incl. taxonomy of green projects, national plan for the first stage of adaption to climate change, law aimed at restricting the greenhouse gas emissions; establishment of new expert centres on the agenda – from relevant working groups of public authorities and sectorial business associations to the ESG-Alliance.

Responding to the question, regarding the growing attention of the general public to the environmental agenda and the pertinent reaction of business to it, Anastasia Tsvetkova shared a number of cases with regard to the cooperation of business entities and NGOs in the field of waste management regulation, as well as she told about different ways of effective interaction with environmentalists , who, in case of an “in-depth” immersion into the problem and the professional approach to its research, can be of expert field assistance, allies in terms of the public opinion formation and intermediaries within a dialogue with public authorities.

Within the ESG-session, where among participants were Vitaly Zhigulin, GR-Director of X5 GROUP, and Oleg Kalinskij, PhD in economics, Head of GR at “Uralkali” PJSC, the factor “G” in the ESG-terminology was discussed. Colleagues shared practices with regard to the improvement of corporate management standards, implementation of transparency while interacting with stakeholders, as well as the valid compliance procedures, relevant for investors, were shared.

The 6th Independent professional Forum of GR-directors “GR Force” took place on 1 March 2022. The lobbying company Baikal Communications Group was the primary sponsor of the event.

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