The competition is arranged by the Russian Managers Association and aimed at the expert assessment and recognition of corporate achievements in the domain of social investments.

This year 82 projects were submitted within 5 competition categories, among them only 24 projects are shortlisted. Within the category “Ecological effectiveness” PJSC Polyus secured a victory through the project “Water campaign: enhancement of effectiveness with regard to water management activities”. Such an initiative of PJSC Polyus puts a great emphasis on the following: implementation of the cluster of technical, organizational and management events, aimed at decreasing the consumption of fresh water from natural sources and its replacement with quarry water.

As was stated by Anastasia Tsvetkova, as an outcome of the implementation of the adopted strategy, concerning the use of water resources and water management activities, the company has achieved substantial results with regard to the share of reused water within manufacturing processes (around 93%), at the same time the share of water intake from natural sources per tonne of recycled ore has declined between 2016 and 2020 by 28 %.

Through the publication of the first water report the company set the new standard for transparency in terms of the use of water resources in the Russian Federation.

Moreover, within the category “Ecological effectiveness” among the finalists were the following companies:

– Unilever, project – “The second life of plastic packaging”;

– RusHydro, project – “Ecological paths and zones of RusHydro”;

– Severstal, project – “Collaboration for the sake of future of eagles of the Russian North;

– Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), project – “The Kokui swamp”.

The winner’s announcement was preceded by the expert work on the two-stage evaluation of projects. All participants of the competition made the preliminary presentation of their projects, within which they obtained the valuable jury feedback as well as opportunity to improve their projects. During the major arrangement on December 2, 2021 the final presentation was held, targeted at experts and guests of the event, and was accompanied by burning questions, regarding the prospects for dissemination of nominated projects within the sectorial dimension as well as within various regions of the Russian Federation.

The record of the public presentation and protection of projects of finalists of the competition “People Investor XIV” is available through the link.

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