Anastasia Tsvetkova, Director of the International Communications and CSR Practice at Baikal Communications Group, joined the updated Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The discussion and approval of ideas that will be included in the top-200 ideas of the “Strong Ideas for the New Time” Forum are among the priorities of the updated Council members. The forum is held by ASI jointly with the Roscongress Foundation to select and implement 100 powerful ideas and projects that will make a significant contribution to the development of the country and the national goals achievement until 2030. The  best 100 ideas will receive comprehensive support from ASI, development and business institutions, as well as federal and regional authorities. The initiators will personally present the best ideas and projects to the Head of State at the face-to-face Forum events in July 2022. In total, more than 19,500 ideas were submitted to the “Strong Ideas for a New Time” crowd-platform, of which 2,044 ideas were received in the “National Environmental Initiative” track.

The “Strong Ideas for the New Time” Forum is held for the second time. In 2020, Anastasia Tsvetkova came up with an idea that was included in the top-10 ideas of the forum and was presented at the plenary session to the Head of State. Following the presentation of the idea, the President issued an instruction on the need for a set of measures to minimize the impact of solid municipal waste on specially protected natural areas.

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