On 27th of June, 2020 Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova, Director of International Communications and CSR Practice of Baikal Communications Group, gave an interview to Mr. Richard Levick, Chief Executive Officer of Levick Strategic Communications, and concurrently the host of the daily business podcast “In House Warrior” of the Corporate Counsel Business Journal.

The parties discussed all the different aspects of doing business in Russia with regard to the Government Relations’ domain. Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova told about the sector-related political challenges, touching upon the specifics of Baikal Communications Group’s professional activity. Besides, Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova advised of the possibilities to promote the international firms’ intentions, aimed at bolstering their positions in the Russian market under the circumstances of the current governmental policy to buttress import substitution and protectionism.

During the interview Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova shared some recommendations, regarding the highly successful business adaptation of overseas firms within the Russian Federation. So, particularly, Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova highlighted the importance of the detailed and thorough analysis of the regulatory legislation and the existing sectoral risks and challenges at the background of electoral campaigns and the rotation of governmental personnel. Moreover, Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova highlighted the significance of collaboration with the local partners that are able to elaborate the response strategy, which addresses all the risks and challenges according to the national specific features.

As Baikal Communications Group specializes in lobbying on behalf of not only business, but also nonprofit sector, Mr. Richard Levick was interested in the role and positions of national and international NGOs in Russia.

Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova informed that despite some sporadic negative effects of legislation in the field of NGOs (mainly, provisions on “foreign agents”), activity of the Russian nonprofit sector has intensified and the NGO’s expertise is supported by state authorities.

In the conclusion, Mr. Richard Levick and Ms. Anastasia Tsvetkova made inferences about the drastic similarity of lobbying and GR-approaches to international business in Russia and the USA.

The complete audio version of the podcast “In House Warrior”
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