Director of International Communications and CSR practice of the Baikal Communications Group acted as an expert in the nomination «Environmental efficiency».

On December 13, 2019 face-to-face defence of nominees of the XII competition PEOPLE INVESTOR took place. The jury evaluated the projects of PJSC «Rostelecom», OJSC «Federal Hydrogeneration company – RusHydro», PJSC «Severstal», Unilever and O1 Properties.

«All projects are highly appreciated and meet the current trends of social and economic development of Russia. From the point of view of environmental efficiency, it is worth noting the efforts of Unilever and Severstal to introduce a closed-loop economy in Russia. Rostelecom presented an important project on automated detection of forest fires. O1 Properties showed an example of work to reduce the negative impact of commercial real estate on nature and human health, and RusHydro demonstrated a case of charity in the environment. Projects are difficult to compare with each other. From year to year, the projects of the competition grow both in quantity and quality and in this category today it is possible to identify the winners in different thematic project areas,» Anastasia Tsvetkova said.

The Rostelecom project became the winner of the competition, at the basis of which 10 points of video surveillance for forest fire situation in the Perm region had been installed and operates. The system automatically detects a cloud of smoke on the background of the forest at an early stage, determines the expected coordinates and the closest to the fire source forces and means of fire suppression. The system is expected to be replicated in other regions.

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