Baikal Communications Group established the Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research in 2016. The Foundation’s mission is to preserve Lake Baikal through the creation of conditions for water resources sustainable management at the national and international levels.

The Foundation implements programs in the field of water and biodiversity conservation, sustainable tourism development and environmental education. The Foundation project pool includes a comprehensive program for the Baikal seal research, grant support for scientists engaged in the study of endangered and rare species of plants and animals in the Baikal natural territory, studies of the Lake Baikal ecosystem state, implemented projects for separate waste collection in specially protected natural areas. The Foundation participates in the expert communities work to improve the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and is also an accredited UNEPA and the World Water Council member.

The Foundation establishment is a consistent continuation of the company development strategy offering a systematic approach to corporate charity and meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in terms of clean water and sanitation, as well as the preservation of terrestrial ecosystems. The company CEO Eduard Voytenko decided to grant 10% of the company’s profit to the development of the Foundation. Thus, the company contributes to the implementation of specific projects at the Lake Baikal natural area and all the company’s clients automatically become participants of the Foundation initiatives and programs that are planned and developed in close cooperation with the expert community for each sphere of the Foundation’s activities.

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