The Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research was established on November 22 2016 to grant its assistance to current projects and launch new initiatives that will help to preserve and develop the Lake Baikal natural area and Lake Baikal.

The establishment of the Foundation is a consistent continuation of the company development strategy offering a systematic approach to corporate social responsibility and serving the global UN Millennium Development Goals in terms of ensuring environmental sustainability. The company CEO Eduard Voytenko decided to grant 10% of the company’s profits to the development of the Foundation. Thus, the company contributes to the implementation of specific projects at the Lake Baikal natural area and all the company’s customers automatically become participants of the Foundation initiatives that are planned and developed in close cooperation with the expert community for each sphere of the Foundation’s activity.

The Foundation is committed to carrying out various research activities to study ecological challenges of the lake and revealing its innovative potential; to organizing joint events with special areas of conservation devoted to the development of educational and eco-tourism; to creating and implementing infrastructure projects at the Lake Baikal natural area in the aim of its protection and development; to promoting ecological lifestyle in Russia and worldwide; to be contributing to the enhancement of environmental legislation in the RF.

The Foundation pays special attention to the harmonization of information space related to the Lake Baikal natural area and Lake Baikal and seeks closer cooperation with experts in each sphere of its activity.

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