Financial Communications

Attracting investments presumes a successful image. Opened and balanced reputation becomes the main competitive advantage in the world of investment communications. We reliably deliver complex of communications and analysis for investors, financial institutions and investment recipients.

We offer:
  • Event-driven and news analysis
  • Reputational audit among financial entities
  • Building strategy and system of financial communications
  • Communication with foreign and Russian business and financial mass media
  • Positioning in international financial society
  • Advice on information disclosure and information support of transactions
  • Preparation and dissemination of financial information as required by trading platforms and regulators
  • Information communications for IPO and M&A
  • Communication support when protecting from hostile takeovers
  • Communication support of business restructuring process and the company operation on the debt market
  • Entity’s financial calendar communications
  • Organization of shareholders’ meetings (preparation of presentations and information support)
  • Investment potential appraisal
  • Marketing analysis of investment projects
  • Development of a strategy for communication with the investment community; preparation of the package of internal and external regulatory documentation
  • IR consulting: investor relations (local and global groups), rating agencies, investment analysts and expert community
  • Organization and communication support of activities for investors, experts and media: roadshows, presentations, briefings
  • Development and implementation of programs aimed at improving the investment image of a company/region
  • For the Russian regions: assistance in economic development (consulting) and stimulating Russian/foreign investment
  • For Russian and foreign companies: analysis of political risks related to investment projects in the RF territorial entities
  • Advice on relations of between investors and public authorities
  • Investment memorandum preparation
  • Financial consulting: investment and financial communications through due diligence of buyer and seller, independent business review
  • Communicational workshops for public companies
  • Creating an «Investor Relations» section on clients' corporate websites
  • Corporate annual report