Numerous complex projects can be implemented much more efficiently if resources are allocated between partners. Baikal Communications Group develops its network of partners and maintains productive relationships with professional associations, universities, companies, media and other high-profile organizations open to collaboration. Our partners make Baikal Communications Group more competitive in research, and analytics, branding and marketing, specialized education and legal consulting. Mutually beneficial partnership strengthening each member generates benefits both for customers and for all parties that ensure attainment of results.

  • Russian Managers Association

    Russian Managers Association – independent public organization that promote interests of the Russian professional community. Association unites leaders of big Russian companies, small and medium enterprises.

    Organization contributes the progress of Russian business in Russian economic integration into the global economy. The main spheres of engagement are international standards and ethical business norms, constructive dialogue between business and Government, positive attitude towards Russian business in Russian society and abroad.

    The Association has its branches in 56 Russian regions.

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  • Russian Association of Public Relations (RAPR)

    Russian Association of Public Relations was founded in 1991 as a public non-profit organization with a legal personality with the purpose of:
    – Creation of infrastructure for the industry of Public Relations for the comprehensive and sustainable development of public relations’ sphere
    – Protecting the interests of PR-industry as a whole and each of its subject in particular
    – Implementation of  professional and ethical standards in practice and within the industry, as well as monitoring compliance with them
    – Capacity building of PR-industry and the improvement of higher and postgraduate education in the field of public relations.

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  • The National Agency for Financial Studies (NAFI)

    The National Agency for Financial Studies – first research company in Russia that professionally specializes in the study of financial behavior of the population and business. The company was founded in 2006 and is an independent commercial research organization.

    Agency offers to its clients a variety of forms of cooperation: conducting individual contract researches, Omnibus type researches, participation in syndicated projects, sale of finished reports. The studies cover all areas of the financial services market: from mass products and services to the specific programs of service for VIP-clients.

    For the past years company’s experience and expertise have allowed to it to enter into adjacent markets. Specialization of NAFI has expanded: active and successful agency conducts research in the field of real estate and construction, and in the telecommunications market.

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  • Strategic Public Relations Group

    Established in 1995, Strategic Public Relations Group (“SPRG” or the “Group”) is one of the largest public relations networks in Asia, the largest public relations consultancy and mostly awarded agency in Hong Kong. With 310 professionals from 15 offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia plus a cohesive global affiliation network covering over 140 cities, the Group provides clients, both local and international, with a comprehensive range of world-class public relations.

    Tailored solutions SPRG provides range from IPO Communications, investor relations, corporate and marketing communications, public affairs and government relations, event consultancy and management, product promotion, CSR communications, new digital media marketing, B2B communications, conference organisation, media skills and presentation training, issues and crisis management, to editorial support and production. SPRG clients include prominent members of the automobile, banking and finance, IT, travel and hospitality, healthcare and pharmaceutical, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports industries, as well as government bodies and associations.

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  • Public Relations Department, MGIMO

    Special Department on the Faculty of International Journalism, MGIMO, which is preparing specialists in PR for the state and commercial organisations, for mass media and public, social, religious structures, for large corporations and financial institutions.

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  • MGIMO School of Business of Business and International Proficiency

    MGIMO School of Business of Business and International Proficiency is one of the first business schools in Russia. The School was founded in MGIMO University. Today it is the leading institute in business education, management, international relations, and public administration.

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    An Internet resource which contains professional GR and lobbying analytics.

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