Mission and Values


We aim to develop the lobbying market and the GR-profession in Russia as well as countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.


Professional ethics

The basic ethical attitude in lobbying is in the objectivity of information and saving its value. We are always impartial in assessing our own capabilities in relation to each specific task. We do not waste the time of our clients in vain – we agree only on what can be realized. Of course, we treat all information relevant to our cooperation with strict confidentiality.

Customer focus

We always work with the pool of problems and challenges presented to us by our clients. If we propose an adjustment of objectives, it’s based on an open detailed, reasoned analysis. Not in our principles to transform the scope of work to achieve our own comfort.

Creating communicational independence

Our purpose is to submit to the client the tools of communicational possibilities. Will it be adapted to the specific task or will contain strategic communications solutions – in any case, it is always a product that enhances the position of the client and its independence in the communication space. We do not seek to damage the real interests of our client and stand apart from formats that can weaken the client’s communicational independence. We empower our clients’ communications to boost their development.

Diversification of approaches and methods

We offer solutions that minimize risks in lobbying and weaken the possibility of competitors for a counterattack. For this, we are constantly optimizing the means and methods in lobbying, always make our client aware of the need to reallocate the efforts. In our business flexibility and efficiency are inseparable.

Legal and ethical commitment

Baikal Communications Group ensures that each of its activities is carried out in strict accordance with Russian law and foreign legal frameworks. The company has developed and approved the Code of Corporate Ethics to secure high ethical standards of interaction of Baikal Communication Group with business partners and government authorities. The rules established by the Code are mandatory for all Company’s employees regardless of their position.