Baikal Communications Group contributes to solving complex lobbying projects and system communication tasks for clients from government agencies, corporate and non-commercial sectors.

We have repeatedly been invited as advisors and lobbyists by international and national companies from various industries; formed a reputation for politicians and top managers of large enterprises; helped to adapt modern PR and digital tools for regional governments; did sociological research for them, as well as interacted with domain experts to develop CSR-programs on ecology for business structures.

In our portfolio, you can find cases for large pharmaceutical, mining, oil and gas companies, as well as for IT start-ups and diversified corporations. Moreover, we have carried out regional electoral campaigns and solved complex problems for non-profit organization. The geography of the implemented projects covers Russia, countries of EAEU and EU, China.

We appreciate our reputation of a reliable partner, so we keep the “silence” about projects until the result is achieved. We don’t disseminate any information about our projects without clients’ permission. Our main principles are confidential partnership with clients and success-oriented approach.