Baikal Communications Group is focused on the development of integrated communications. We provide customized solutions for each client by combining conventional and specific tools to ensure ultimate efficiency. A crucial feature of our approach is the development of strategies that guarantee the most affordable and reliable ways to help our clients succeed.

Communication processes optimization is an important component of business development and of forming a correct image of a state in a period of global economic, social and political transformations. Novel approaches to efficient communication in the corporate sector are the one that are urgently needed, since changing economic realities in Russia and worldwide are coupled with general fatigue caused by inefficient and straightforward PR. Challenges arise at the intersection of territorial communication: between the center and the regions, on interregional and international level. We are committed to building sustainable bridges of communication that will enable our customers to achieve qualitative growth nationally and globally. Combination of conventional solutions and creative concepts is particularly valuable in political communications during a period of protracted competition. For each client, we find a scenario of a long-term and systematic enhancement, opening new dimensions of efficient communications solutions.

The company is managed by professional managers with significant experience in the communications field and sector of operations. Company’s management performs miscellaneous tasks in relation to relevant portfolios.

Baikal Communications Group has a versatile, flexible and functional structure. Today, the number of the company’s management does not exceed 10 people.