Baikal Communications Group specializes in lobbying on behalf of business and non-profit sectors. We base our activities on the profound understanding of the mechanisms that operate the work of the governmental bodies and the successful application of our own and relevant Western practices, including the use of PR, GR and legal instruments in the combination that a specific lobbying campaign would require. We think far beyond several electoral cycles and develop long-running winning strategies.

Baikal Communications Group is a diversified and highly functional company operating both in Russia and abroad. We have developed a special ecosystem that influences the Russian lobbying market. Each type of our activity naturally supports another one, thus strengthening the existing expertise and maintaining the entire volume of tasks performed in balance, which is based on the impeccable reputation of our company.

We base our activities on structural and consistent principles. We manage our customer service on compliance, ethics and transparency. We highly value professional relations with representatives of the three branches of the state and the broad public, as well as our colleagues and clients, but at the same time we remain independent of short-term political dispositions and strict group loyalty. Thus, we manage to maintain the distance essential for analytical objectivity and the implementation of optimum solutions when supporting our clients’ interests.

Baikal Communications Group is represented at the federal and regional levels in Russia, as well as in China, the USA, EU countries and the EAEU. Among our clients we can name Russian and international companies in the field of IT, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco industry, agriculture and health care, fuel and energy sector, mining industry, large multinationals and non-profit organizations, well-known media people and status leaders from the world of business and politics.

The team of Baikal Communications Group is a fan of “complex cases”. This allows us to constantly develop and remain highly professional.